"I have been going to Health Focus Acupuncture for the past several years.  This is a most wonderful practice that incorporates Essential Oils. This makes me feel like I am having a spa treatment! No doubt I will be a lifetime client. Thank you for your service!" – Jennifer Miller (via Google review)

"Want to share with you how good I feel since I started acupuncture treatments with a lovely, brilliant, kind lady named Diane Lowry. I have more energy and less pain than I have had in a long time! Of course exercise and healthy eating habits are crucial too! But I must say I am an acupuncture fan for life!!!" ~ Lesley (Mechanicsville, VA) 

“Diane was so helpful when I came to her with my lower back problem. I had been to an orthopedic doctor and went through the therapy required but I did not get any relief. The only other relief they offered was a steroid shot...it didn't do any good either, it only mask the problem. I felt relief after the first treatment with Diane. After the 5th treatment I was feeling no pain. She is very professional and thoughtful...I would recommend her expertise if you are suffering in any way. I am so grateful for the care I received there." ~ Jennifer McMichael (via LinkedIn) 

“Having never tried acupuncture I was a little hesitant but after my first visit I was completely at ease! Diane explained in great detail about the process and I was completely relaxed after my visit. I have since returned for a follow up appointment and look forward to my next visit.” ~ Rob Goodall (via LinkedIn)   

“What a neat person. Diane’s start up Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice is well underway. She has impressed me with her skills and passion to deliver health care to patients. Her approach is to listen, examine and design a treatment plan especially for each person.” ~ Jim Wilson (via LinkedIn) 

“Diane Lowry, a colleague of mine and phenomenal acupuncturist, has been an inspiration to my practice. Her dedication to the community, health, and wellness. Her practice, HealthFocus Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is truly a place of healing. I have recommended her to friends and family. Not only have I worked with Diane, I had the pleasure of being treated by her as well. She did a thorough intake, full medical history, and listened to all my concerns. Her treatment style is empathetic, in-depth, effective and compassionate.” ~ Carrie Johnson (via LinkedIn) 

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Diane grow into a multifaceted practitioner of Oriental medicine. If you are looking for someone who will listen to your concerns, treat you with respect and care as well as make you feel better, Diane is your answer. Diane is not only is a gifted acupuncturist but knowledgeable about Chinese herbs and other healing modalities such Qi Gong. I could really use some of Diane’s great energy and spectacular Tui Na (Chinese Massage) moves. She will make you feel at ease during your treatment. Thanks so much for all the wonderful treatments that made me feel better!” ~ Karen Stringer (via LinkedIn) 

“I must admit, it took me a while to be "brave enough" to visit Diane. Acupuncture was something I, as a "needle phob" hesitated to enter into. After one visit to Diane, I realized my fears were unwarranted. Her treatment provided both relief to my nagging shoulder injury and a relaxing therapeutic session. Her approach to her profession is very balanced and welcoming to this "newbie" of the ancient practice. I would recommend her services to anyone who just wishes to make themselves feel better.” ~ Alex Cherlin (via LinkedIn)  

“Diane was my mentor in student clinic. During the semesters she mentored me I saw her compassion for her clients and the positive way in which their health responded to her medical expertise. Diane is an excellent practitioner with a professional demeanor and the ability to bring healing and balance to those she treats. You really couldn't do better than to have her as your acupuncturist!” ~ Cat Calhoun (via LinkedIn) 

“I came to Diane after moving to the area in 2009. I had been receiving regular acupuncture treatments for 6 + years. I find Diane to be extremely knowledgeable and personable. She takes great pride in her craft and her approach is gentle yet generates the expected results. If you're thinking about trying acupuncture or have received treatments before, I recommend Diane without hesitation.” ~ Lou Wright (via LinkedIn) 

"I highly recommend Diane for acupuncture services. She is a knowledgeable practitioner, committed to well care. I look forward to every treatment."  ~ Kathleen McGinnis (via LinkedIn)


"Oh I can't tell you how great it's been. I am off my everyday migraine medicine and my depression medicine. I'm only taking my Synthroid medicine and my hot flash medication. I've lost 13lbs and feeling pretty good!! I can't thank you enough for the suggestion." ~ Lydia, (Henrico, VA)

"I was a cleanse skeptic, but joined up because I had a cholesterol issue and didn't want to get the Crestor prescription my doctor recommended...So, I did the cleanse and started exercising 3x/week, instead of 2x/week...I dropped 81 points in total cholesterol and 76 points in LDL. My triglycerides and HDL also improved! I also dropped nearly 7 pounds, though my weight wasn't an issue. I'm feeling great and looking trim. Thank you for the cleanse and for helping me become statistically, aesthetically and mentally fantastic!" ~ RD, (Richmond, VA)

"I want to say how much I benefited from the Standard Process 21 Day Whole Food cleanse! At first I was a little apprehensive about the price, and the amount of pills that I had to take wondering if it would be worth it. Although not a heavy coffee drinker, I loved a cup of coffee and wondered how I would be without it. I figured 3 weeks was not that long so I proceeded. How glad I am that I did! What a great feeling. For the first 2 days I didn’t feel much, but then after that I started feeling clearer. No brain fog, no headaches. I was able to rise up out of bed faster and easier than I had in years. Food tasted better. Peppers and Carrots started tasting like candy bars, I could taste the natural sugar in foods so much more easily. The daily emails I received each morning were great as they started my day with a good focus. The recipes were great and I am still using some of them each week. By the end of the 21 days I had lost 11 pounds. The biggest thing for me was identifying food intolerances I never thought I had. After I finished the cleanse I would reintroduce various foods one at a time. Some I reacted to, some I didn’t. The ones I reacted to I totally eliminated them from my diet for good. I wholeheartedly recommend this to any one who is tired of feeling tired, bloated, brain fogged, and just overall stressed. It WILL make you feel better! Cleansing the inside makes for a beautiful outside! Since the cleanse I been told more than 5 times that I was looking younger. You need to do this! I will be doing it again later in the year! Well worth the money, and the investment in you!" ~ Nancy (Richmond, VA)


"This process reverses the signs of aging the same way they occur – in hundreds of "little" ways. The result is a natural, brighter, younger version of me." ~ Liz Garrett